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August 22nd Tackle Pre-Season Game & Flag Game Schedule

By John Jared, President, 08/09/15, 1:45AM CDT


Grant Jr Bulldogs


Wauconda Bulldogs

August 22nd at the Field of Dreams

Each pre-season game will be 30 minutes with a running clock. Clock stoppage will only be for injuries on the field. All other TCYFL rules will be followed. There will be refs for each tackle game.




8:30 AM

GJB Blue-Zdon vs Wauconda Gold-Kirchwehm
GJB White-Barr vs WaucondaPurple-Rogers

9:30 AM

GJB Black-Paz vs Wauconda White-Mckenna
GJB Red-Gallina vs Wauconda Black-Bruer

10:40 AM

Big 10 Lightweight

11:25 AM

Big10 Feather

12:10 PM

Pac10 Feather vs Wauconda Pac10 Feather #1

12:55 PM

Pac10 Feather vs Wauconda Pac10 Feather #2

1:40 PM

Big10 Bantam

2:25 PM

Pac10 Bantam vs Wauconda Pac10 Bantam #1

3:10 PM

Pac10 Bantam vs Wauconda Pac10 Bantam #2

3:55 PM

Big10 Middle

4:40 PM

Pac10 Middle  vs Wauconda Pac10 Middle #1

5:25 PM

Pac10 Middle  vs Wauconda Pac10 Middle #2

6:10 PM Varsity