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Jr. Bulldog Games on GCHS Turf

By John Jared, President, 09/22/16, 8:45AM CDT


The Grant Jr. Bulldogs will be hosting Libertyville at the Grant Community High School football field this Sunday. We want to ensure the day is successful and remind parents to be respectful of the players, coaches, referees and fans from both sides. If you are not a badged coach or a parent working the chain and down marker you are not permitted on the field and no one is permitted on the track.

The high school is not a playground. Everyone that comes should be in the stands cheering on the players and not wandering or playing around the various areas of the high school grounds. We ask that you do not leave a mess for others to clean up. We want to leave a good impression with the Grant Community High School administration so that we may do this again next year. 

Please remember that pets, alcohol and tobacco products are not permitted on any school grounds including the parking lots.

The game schedules are below:






Big10 Feather




Big10 Bantam


Big10 Middleweight


A map of the field and the areas we need to stay within is below: