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Micheal Brophy

Head Coach

Phone: (847) 313-9526

Recent Pac10 Featherweight News

2015 General Election

By John Jared, President 10/23/2015, 5:30pm CDT


Jr. Bulldog Families,

This year we will hold our voting on two days in an effort to get as many people as possible an opportunity to vote. In order to vote you must be a member in good standing. Voting will take place next to the Field of Dreams concession stand on Saturday, October 24th from 1:30-3:00pm and Sunday, October 25th from 10:30am - 2:30 pm. 

At our last Board Meeting held on October 21st, nominations were accepted for the Executive Board:

Vice President of Football:
Don Bridgeman

Dominic Pavell

Executive Secretary: Laurie Hembrey was nominated. She was unopposed and will therefore begin this position in January 2015, replacing Dawn Dabrowski.

We hope each of you take a few minutes to cast a vote on either election date to help shape the future of the organization.


Your GJB Executive Board

Help Coach Gonzo's Daughter

By John Jared, President 09/17/2015, 8:30pm CDT

We have a coach in our organization who we would like to show our support for.  Coach Gonzalo Cortez, "Coach Gonzo" has coached in our program for two years and he doesn't even have a child playing in the program.  He is a special individual giving back to a community that he doesn't even live in. 

Coach Gonzo's daughter,  Arianna Cortez was born on December 14, 2014 with 2q37 Microdeletion Syndrome.  This is a very rare genetic syndrome and at this time, only approximately 100 people have been diagnosed with this world wide. On September 7, little Arianna was flown to Children's Hospital of Milwaukee.  As of the most recent update, Arianna is still extremely sick and is fighting for her life.  

Let's show our support to Coach Gonzo, his wife Heather and little Arianna.  We will be collecting donations during all games Sunday.  Coach Gonzo coaches in our organization for the love of football and is making a difference in OUR kid's lives.  Let's make a difference for him, Heather and  Arianna.  Here is the link to the Go Fund Me page if you prefer to make a donation there
Thank you,
Your GJB Executive Board

Sign up for SMS alerts

By John Jared, President 08/29/2015, 9:45am CDT

Jr. Bulldog Families,

It looks like we'll be getting some bad weather this weekend so we wanted to remind everyone to sign up for our SMS alerting service. We use an SMS alerting service that you must subscribe to in order to receive these alerts.

Currently there are only a few people signed up for most teams which means many of you will not get last minute alerts. Below is the total number of people signed up for alerts for each team:

  • Pac10 Bantam - 6
  • Big10 Bantam - 0
  • Pac10 Feather - 8
  • Big10 Feather - 18
  • Pac10 Middle - 4
  • Big10 Middle - 4
  • Big10 Lightweight - 17
  • Varsity - 6

Below are the instructions to subscribe to these alerts: 

Pac 10 Bantam - Text PAC10B to 84483 to receive Pac 10 Bantam messages from Grant Jr. Bulldogs.
Big 10 Bantam - Text BIG10B to 84483 to receive Big 10 Bantam messages from Grant Jr. Bulldogs.
Pac 10 Featherweight - Text PAC10F to 84483 to receive Pac 10 Feather messages from Grant Jr. Bulldogs.
Big 10 Featherweight - Text BIG10F to 84483 to receive Big 10 Featherweight Team messages from Grant Jr. Bulldogs.
Pac 10 Middleweight - Text PAC10M to 84483 to receive Pac 10 Middle messages from Grant Jr. Bulldogs.
Big 10 Middleweight - Text BIG10M to 84483 to receive Big 10 Middle messages from Grant Jr. Bulldogs.
Big 10 Lightweight - Text BIG10L to 84483 to receive Big 10 Lights messages from Grant Jr. Bulldogs.
Varsity - Text GJBVJV to 84483 to receive Big 10 Heavy messages from Grant Jr. Bulldogs.
Flag Red - Text FLGRED to 84483 to receive Flag Red messages from Grant Jr. Bulldogs.
Flag Black - Text FLGBLK to 84483 to receive Flag Black messages from Grant Jr. Bulldogs.
Flag White - Text FLGWHT to 84483 to receive Flag White messages from Grant Jr. Bulldogs.
Flag Blue - Text FLGBLUE to 84483 to receive FLGBLUE messages from Grant Jr. Bulldogs.

Thank you,

Your GJB Executive Board

2015 Pac10 Featherweight

2015 Pac10 Featherweight